Heavy Rains Claim 9 Lives in China

Heavy rains in southern China have claimed the lives of nine people, while six others remain missing, according to official media reports on Thursday.

The rains in Guangdong province this week have caused floods and landslides. However, extreme weather events are being experienced across the entire country.

In Jiaoling County near the city of Meizhou, five people died and two went missing following the floods, according to the CCTV network. In another area of Meizhou, four people died and four went missing, the network reported.

The network added that some areas experienced “once-in-a-century floods … (or) the largest since record-keeping began.”

The heavy rains in the south come while large parts of the northern country are experiencing extremely high temperatures, exceeding 35 degrees Celsius.

Scientists say that climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of rainfall and heatwaves.

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