Amidst the Crimes of the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan… The ICC Demands the Disclosure of Bashir and Haroun’s Whereabouts

The International Criminal Court (ICC) announced yesterday that it has requested information from the Sudanese government regarding the whereabouts of its wanted individuals, accused of committing crimes in Darfur. At the top of the list are ousted President Omar al-Bashir, the head of the dissolved National Congress Party and prominent Muslim Brotherhood figure Ahmed Haroun, and former Defense Minister Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) confirmed that after contacting the Sudanese government, it has not yet received any response regarding the whereabouts of its wanted individuals, according to the Sudanese newspaper Al-Taghyeer.

Dahiro Sant, Advisor for International Cooperation in the Prosecutor’s Office, said, “The suspects are still at large, and although the U.S. administration has offered a financial reward for information leading to Haroun’s capture, no helpful information has been received.”

Sant, addressing a limited meeting with human rights groups and journalists in the Ugandan capital Kampala about “the situation in Sudan” organized by the Human Rights Center, pointed out that the court held consultations with the Sudanese transitional government led by Abdullah Hamdok regarding the handover of the three suspects during that period, but the coup on October 25th hindered this process.

He confirmed that the ICC has issued arrest warrants for only five individuals: Omar al-Bashir, Ahmed Haroun, Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein, Ali Kushayb, and Abdullah Banda. No arrest warrants have been issued for other individuals.

Sant revealed that the ICC is conducting extensive investigations into the crimes committed in Darfur following the mid-April war of last year, aiming to bring potential suspects to justice, whether from the Rapid Support Forces, the Sudanese army, the Muslim Brotherhood, or any other armed groups operating within this context.

“We need to gather sufficient evidence to request arrest warrants from the judges, and these warrants can be issued even in the ongoing conflict,” he said, noting that the court focuses on leaders who bear command responsibility rather than the individuals who carry out orders.

He explained that the Prosecutor will brief the United Nations Security Council on the Darfur investigations in early August.

Regarding the arrest of the Muslim Brotherhood‘s Ahmed Haroun, Greta Barbony, acting head of the ICC Outreach and Public Information Section, explained that the court cannot enter Sudan, so local authorities or police forces in cooperating countries can arrest the suspect, paving the way for his transfer to trial in The Hague.

Many believe that al-Bashir‘s supporters worked to smuggle him out, exploiting the chaos in the country. They had previously smuggled Haroun and Hussein, and the armed forces and the de facto government are attempting to mislead the local and international community by claiming they are being moved from place to place under the pretext of protecting them from surrounding military threats.

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