New prediction by controversial dutch seismologist


Controversial Dutch seismologist, Frank Hoogerbeets, posted a tweet on his official “X” account, revealing a connection between an upcoming solar eclipse and the potential occurrence of a major earthquake.

Frank Hoogerbeets stated on the “X” platform: “On October 14th, there will be an annular solar eclipse.” He added: “I emphasize that a full moon or a new moon, or the eclipse itself, do not lead to major earthquakes.”


He concluded by saying: “Critical planetary alignments are required for such earthquakes to occur.”

The Dutch seismologist explained that he would provide more details on this in an upcoming video.

Hoogerbeets had previously warned of the possibility of devastating earthquakes, including the earthquake that struck Turkey on February 6th, which resulted in over 50,000 deaths and tens of thousands of injuries. He had predicted this event three days before it occurred.

In contrast, scientists insist that it is impossible to predict earthquakes and seismic activity at all.

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