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Senators of the US appealed Pompeo to cooperate with the EU against Turkish’s drilling efforts in the eastern Mediterranean.

 U.S. Senators Robert Menendez and Chris Von Hollen appealed the State Secretary, Mike Pompeo, to collaborate with the European Union to stop the drilling efforts of Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean.

Menendez and Von Hollen reported in a letter before the meeting of Pompeo with Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias: The United States and the European Union should immediately develop a plan of comprehensive joint sanctions that would be imposed on key sectors of the Turkish economy if Turkey continues to pursue illegal actions in the eastern Mediterranean and refuses to resolve these matters through an impartial international tribunal.

It’s noted that Greece and Turkey, two NATO allies, are in conflict because of the competing claims on the exclusive economic zones (EEZ) and hydrocarbon exploration rights in the eastern Mediterranean. The meeting between the two parts comes after days that Turkey sent a seismic survey ship to the disputed waters. The two senators declared: Therefore, we urge you to take all appropriate measures to ensure Turkey removes its naval vessels from Greece’s EEZ and adheres to its international obligations. The failure of the United States to act decisively at this critical time will only invite further Turkish escalation.

Turkey and the United States have been previously in disagreement over the purchase of Ankara of Russian S-400 missile systems, which according to Washington are incompatible with the defense systems of the alliance

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