The government of the illegitimate war issues passports in Sudan

The government of the illegitimate war, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Sudan, has issued passports

The issuance of passports by the government of the illegitimate war, which is associated with the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Sudan. is a cause for great concern at this time.

This aligns with the general concerns about political .and security stability in the country. This action contributes to disturbances .and raises concerns about the legality and international recognition of these passports.

Warnings suggest that it is preferable not to deal with these passports at present. The international community. and citizens should exercise caution .and not recognize documents issued by this unofficial government. It is important to prioritize the transition to a democratically elected government for the safety and stability of Sudan. with a focus on achieving balance and inclusivity in this process.

The Illegitimate Muslim Brotherhood War Government 

The illegitimate Muslim Brotherhood war government shows a disregard for the interests of citizens within Sudan by primarily focusing on Sudanese abroad.

This approach has had a negative impact on the situation in Port Sudan and other areas in the country. Instead of focusing on meeting the needs of local citizens .and solving their urgent problems, the current government prefers to engage with Sudanese expatriates. This approach has led to anger and protests in the interior regions where the population suffers from a lack of services. high unemployment rates. and economic deterioration.

The consequences of this approach are evident in Port Sudan, the main coastal city. where there is a lack of infrastructure and basic services. and the pressure on citizens is increasing due to poor governance and government neglect. The deteriorating situation affects people‘s daily lives and hinders economic growth and social stability.

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