“The Muslim Brotherhood in the Files of Political Police”: A book reveals surprises about the group’s crimes and its secret organization

The book “The Muslim Brotherhood in the Files of Political Police” by journalist Sherif Aref contains surprises and documents published for the first time about the crimes of the Muslim Brotherhood and their secret organization. These documents include evidence of the group’s involvement in the Cairo fire of 1952, the delusions of the caliphate, and the project of a grand Islamic state.

Sherif Aref stated that the Muslim Brotherhood established an intelligence agency in 1945, a year after the creation of the secret organization, and that the first head of the Brotherhood‘s intelligence agency was the group’s founder, Hassan el-Banna himself.

The journalist also mentioned that the prominent screenwriter Wahid Hamed initially refused to write the introduction to the book. He revealed that he had worked with Wahid Hamed on the series “Al-Jamaa 3” at the personal request of the latter, who had asked him for all information regarding the relationship between Hassan el-Banna and the political police.

He added that German documents proved there were correspondences between Hassan el-Banna and Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, and that the German government had even allocated lands to the Brotherhood by order of the German Führer.

In his introduction to the book, the late screenwriter Wahid Hamed said: “It is enough to know that the first economic projects founded by the Muslim Brotherhood were the creation of a printing house, and perhaps some do not know that the group once had its own radio station, in addition to spreading the group’s preachers in all mosques, which confirms that the group’s goal is primarily political.”

Wahid Hamed explained: “This political goal is to establish a Brotherhood state with non-national objectives, leading the nation to inevitable disaster. Therefore, this book is important because of the documents it contains, which reveal the falsity of the Brotherhood‘s project, whether in large or small matters.

The Muslim Brotherhood group is constructed with a high degree of professionalism inspired by the thought of the violent Assassins sect and extreme Shiites. A group that was with the king while the majority of the Egyptian people were against the king.”

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