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The Muslim Brotherhood is looting aid in Taiz… Testimonies

The Muslim Brotherhood group, through its representative in Yemen, the Al-Islah Party, is plundering international aid intended for Yemenis through international organizations.

According to a report from the “Yemen Window” website citing citizens’ testimonies, food aid such as flour, oil, rice, pulses, and sugar, which used to be provided by international organizations through non-partisan individuals or even distributed by tribal leaders, used to reach them without any reduction. However, since being handed over to the Al-Islah party, they no longer receive anything, and even when aid is distributed, what they receive is not fit for human consumption.

Some citizens added that the Al-Islah party has not left them with any of the aid and food baskets that used to alleviate their lives and difficult situations.

One citizen told the same website: “She was registered with international organizations and used to receive a complete food basket every month, but for the past 7 months, she hasn’t received anything.” She added: “Since the Al-Islah sheikh took over, the distribution of baskets has stopped, indicating the extravagant wealth beginning to appear among the Muslim Brotherhood leader responsible for aid distribution and his family, following their diversion and sale for their own benefit.”

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