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The Muslim Brotherhood’s Opportunism Has Destroyed Yemen… Details

The Muslim Brotherhood played a significant role in the destruction of Yemen by aligning itself with Houthi militias against the Southern Transitional Council. They resorted to handing over areas to Iranian-backed militias without combat, provided them with military and security cover, and eventually allied with them to implement plans on the ground.

Yemeni journalist Yasser al-Yafaei stated that the Muslim Brotherhood organization established camps in Aden, waged a dirty media war against Southern leaders and forces fighting the Houthis, sought to demonize friendly Arab countries with malicious accusations and human rights reports, and was primarily concerned with maintaining its influence in Aden and other southern provinces.

He added in a tweet on his Twitter account: “Unfortunately, due to the opportunism of the Muslim Brotherhood, Yemen has lost the greatest opportunity in its history to rid itself of sectarian Houthi militias and to come closer to Gulf countries. This opportunity will not arise often.”

Yemeni political circles had warned of a plan within the Yemeni Al-Islah party, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, to infiltrate the “National Shield” forces formed by the President of the Presidential Council of Command, supervised by Rashad al-Alimi, and supported by Saudi Arabia in terms of training and arming, following the defeats suffered by the Muslim Brotherhood in the areas they dominated.

The Muslim Brotherhood seeks their infiltration to be effective and strong within the branches of the “National Shield” in the southern provinces, aiming to make these forces a front to continue confronting the Southern Transitional Council.

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