Turkey prolongs the prospection in contested Mediterranean waters until October 27

Turkey declared on Wednesday that it would prolong a gas exploration mission in the eastern Mediterranean that has made its neighboring Greece anger, challenging alerting from Western countries.

The Turkish navy announced in a NAVTEX maritime declaration that it’s expected that Oruc Reis research ship end its mission on Thursday, however it will now still at sea until October 27.

In fact, Oruc Reis vessel has become the symbol of Ankara’s ambition for prospecting natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean, while discoveries of significant reserves in recent years has pushed for the so-called blue gold. Prospective resources have induced long-enflaming disputes about maritime borders between Turkey and Greece.

Athens declares that Ankara is violating international law by prospecting in Greek waters, near the island of Kastellorizo. Whereas, Turkey claims that this prospection is within its rights in the energy-rich Mediterranean region, and said that it shouldn’t count to the small island of Kastellorizo for imposing Greek dominance.

It should be noted that initial deployment of Oruc Reis in August provoked a weeks-long diplomatic crisis until its ship return to the port last month. However it was sent again last week, which reducing hopes to decrease the tensions.

Furthermore, Turkey was accused on Wednesday by the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, because it is playing out imperialist fantasies in the neighborhood, whereas his government has requested the EU to look into interrupting its taxes union with Turkey.

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