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To Satisfy the Brotherhood… The Governor of Taiz Leads a Wave of Illegal Appointments to Empower the Group

Following the path of the Houthis, the Muslim Brotherhood in Taiz, Yemen, has crossed all red lines, exercising control over illegal appointments. Sources and official documents have revealed that the governor of Taiz has issued dozens of appointments that violate the law in recent weeks, amidst governmental objections.

The “Al-Amanah” website published an official document showing the objection of the Minister of Local Administration, Hussein Al-Aghbari, to a decision by the governor of Taiz to appoint a new general manager for the Samee district about a week ago.

In a letter addressed to the governor, the minister explained that this appointment violated the law and had caused protests and a statement from social figures in the district opposing the decision, as the district is located on the frontline.

The minister confirmed that there were no justifications for the change at this time, as the previous director was well-known for his excellent performance and services in the district. He instructed the governor to comply with the Local Authority Law and to keep the previous director, Ahmed Hazaa Al-Sanwi, in his position in the Samee district.

The Yemeni website also mentioned a letter from Governor Nabil Shamsan to the Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, Rashad Mohammed Al-Alimi, requesting the allocation of two cars for the newly appointed director of the Samee district, Abdulrahman Mohammed Mujahid Ghaleb, and the secretary-general of the local council in the district, Farouk Hizam Mohammed Abdulmalik.

The governor justified his request by citing “the particularity of the Samee district, its rugged terrain, and the nature of the roles and tasks assigned to local authority leaders… as well as for visiting the frontlines in the areas of confrontation with the Houthi rebel militias.”

Sources also revealed that the governor of Taiz has issued dozens of appointments within just two months, including general managers for the districts of Hayfan, the Agriculture and Irrigation Office, the Commerce and Industry Office, the branch of the General Authority for the Care of Martyrs’ Families and Revolutionary Veterans, and the Public Relations Department at the Information Office in the province.

The governor also appointed advisors for cultural and tribal affairs and created a new position of general manager of the Office of Siege Affairs in the province.

The sources confirmed that most of these decisions were made by the governor despite directives from the Prime Minister instructing ministers and governors to review previous appointments and halt any new ones as per the Presidential Council’s guidance.

According to the sources, these arbitrary appointments have nothing to do with correcting the administrative situation but are intended to please the Muslim Brotherhood and continue empowering more of their affiliates, despite these individuals lacking the legal qualifications and competence required for the positions they were appointed to.

These arbitrary appointments by the governor of Taiz aim solely at maintaining his position and staying in office for as long as possible, regardless of the administrative chaos he creates, which burdens the state administration in the province and will be difficult to rectify in the short term.

Despite objections from the legally authorized official bodies, the governor continues to issue arbitrary decisions, as evidenced by his recent appointment of a general manager for the Samee district, which was opposed by the Minister of Local Administration.

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