With the beginning of a new school year, these are the best foods for school students


As the school year kicks off and students return to their classrooms, many parents wonder how to prepare quick, healthy meals suitable for school, providing the necessary nutrients for their children’s growth.

Nutritionist Omaira Saleh emphasizes that healthy food is essential for students of all age groups as it is a crucial stage of rapid physical growth. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to nutrition by ensuring that meals contain all the essential elements needed for the body’s growth. She points out that the nutritional needs of children aged 3 to 12 differ from the nutritional needs of teenagers aged 13 to 18.

According to Omaira, younger students usually require fewer calories compared to teenagers, especially during their rapid growth periods. This also applies to protein requirements, which are generally lower for younger students compared to teenagers who need protein from dairy products and peanut butter to support muscle growth and development during adolescence.

Saleh emphasizes the importance of school meals containing calcium found in cheese and spinach, healthy fats like walnuts that aid in brain development, vitamins and minerals that maintain immunity, as well as fiber that improves digestion. She also stresses the importance of iron in foods like apples, especially for teenage girls.

Nutritionist Tala Al-Khatib advises parents to ensure that school meals combine what their children enjoy with the nutrients that ensure healthy growth.

Considering that some foods cannot be sent to school due to the lack of refrigeration or their suitability for the school environment, Al-Khatib provides limited options for foods that can be sent to school, depending on the age group:

For students aged 3 to 12:

  1. Use whole grain bread or wheat in sandwich preparation.
  2. Cottage cheese and mint sandwich.
  3. Cheese sandwich (various types) with lettuce.
  4. Thyme and olive oil sandwich.
  5. Milk cake (once a week).
  6. Mini spinach pies.
  7. Raw carrots or cucumbers (daily).
  8. Homemade healthy popcorn.
  9. Small dark chocolate bars (three times a week).
  10. Two walnuts daily.
  11. An uncut banana or apple to prevent spoilage.

For students aged 13 to 18:

  1. Use whole grain bread or wheat in sandwich preparation.
  2. Turkey roll-up sandwich with avocado slices.
  3. Hummus sandwich.
  4. Cheese sandwich (various types) with lettuce or arugula.
  5. Peanut butter sandwich (once a week).
  6. Raw carrots or cucumbers (daily).
  7. Chocolate muffin (twice a week).
  8. Spinach pastries.
  9. A portion of raw nuts (twice a week).
  10. A banana or apple daily.
  11. Two walnuts daily.
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