Al Pacino, aged 83, and Noor Alfallah, aged 29, are parting ways three months after the birth of their son

Their 54-year age difference had raised eyebrows. On Wednesday, American media reported that Al Pacino’s partner, Noor Alfallah, had filed a custody request for their 3-month-old son.

According to legal documents reviewed by “The Blast,” the young mother is proposing to Al Pacino a “reasonable” visitation right and the right to have a say in important decisions regarding the baby’s health and education. No specific child support amount has been specified yet, but Noor Alfallah is demanding that Al Pacino cover her legal expenses, as reported by Paris Match.

The relationship between the 83-year-old actor and his 29-year-old ex-partner has been in the media spotlight since the spring of 2022, following several public appearances. This romance is said to have started during the coronavirus pandemic. The pregnancy of the young producer was revealed last May, and the birth of Roman was confirmed a month later. Al Pacino commented on this new fatherhood by saying, “It’s very special. It always has been. I have many children. But it’s really special to arrive at this moment,” in a video shared by the “Daily Mail.”

Al Pacino, a father for the fourth time, shares this experience with Julie Marie (33 years old, from his relationship with Jan Tarrant) and the twins Anton and Olivia (22 years old, whom he shares with Beverly d’Angelo). This new fatherhood brings Al Pacino closer to his friend Robert De Niro, who became a father for the seventh time at the age of 79, also last spring.

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