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Despite the “Donation Comeback”… Cracks in Trump’s Campaign

Donald Trump faces a tough race to defeat Joe Biden in the US presidential elections, marked by moments of optimism and other times by obstacles.

Last May, presidential candidate Donald Trump erased the financial advantage enjoyed by his rival, current President Joe Biden, after the latter had long dominated fundraising, according to the American magazine “Politico.”

But outside of the money race, a series of other developments in recent days has left Republicans with the impression that November might not be as favorable for the party as it seemed earlier.

About a dozen Republican activists, county chairs, and current and former party officials believe that while Trump has made a comeback in fundraising, the pro-Republican mood has waned across the country.

This comes amid ongoing concerns about the impact of abortion on Republican candidates in the upcoming fall elections.

Impact of the Conviction

Polls show that Trump‘s conviction in his New York trial is hurting his prospects among independent voters.

Tom McCabe, chairman of the Republican Party in Mahoning County, Ohio, said: “This election will be determined by a very narrow margin, and in the short term, Trump‘s conviction will hurt him in the polls.”

Among voters, a new poll conducted by “Fox News” found that independents prefer Biden by nine points, a setback for Trump compared to last May, when the same voters preferred the current president by only two points over the billionaire.

Overall, the poll showed Biden leading Trump for the first time this year by two points: 50 to 48, a lead within the margin of error.

Worrisome Map

Republicans see reasons for concern across the electoral map, even in the most unexpected places, as Trump works to rally the voter base and donors with his grievances about the trial.

In a special election held in Ohio’s sixth congressional district this month, Democrat Michael Criptchak reversed Trump‘s gains in 2020.

Criptchak became the first Democratic candidate to win in Mahoning County since Trump turned it red in the 2020 elections.

Democratic Senate candidates are leading in battleground states like Wisconsin, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, indicating that the general mood there is pro-Democrat.

In the open Senate race in Arizona, Republican Kari Lake has performed poorly in the polls.

Abortion Issue

Republicans across the electoral map continue to suffer from the backlash against the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade (regarding abortion).

A Gallup poll conducted this month showed record levels of voters saying they would only vote for candidates who share their views on abortion in major races.

Thus, the intensity surrounding this issue is likely to benefit pro-abortion candidates more, namely Democrats.

In this context, Barrett Marson, a Republican strategist in Arizona, said: “Republicans face a lot of problems, not least of which is abortion.”

As for Trump, in a post on his own social media platform “Truth Social,” he described the Fox News poll as “garbage!”

Caroline Levitt, a spokeswoman for Trump‘s campaign, said in a statement: “Joe Biden and the Democrats have weaponized the justice system against President Trump.”

She added: “Biden‘s failed campaign spent nearly $80 million on media buys alone, yet President Trump continues to lead Joe Biden.”

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