Have Political Islam Groups Achieved Their Dream of Ruining Hajj?

Writer Aql Al-Aql commented on the release of a video by political Islam groups claiming that Saudi security forces raided pilgrims’ apartments in Mecca. In his article titled “Political Islam Groups and the Dream of Ruining Hajj,” published in “Okaz” newspaper, Al-Aql stated that the Muslim Brotherhood is deeply ingrained with Al-Banna’s ideology, which flows through their veins regardless of the size of their members, and that they are joined in this destructive trench by political Islam movements of both Sunni and Shia branches.

He considered that their target is the Kingdom and its efforts in serving the Two Holy Mosques, caring for pilgrims and Umrah performers, and working on all security, administrative, medical, and political levels to ensure that the guests of Allah perform their rituals with peace and tranquility, away from the imposition of politics and its slogans on this occasion, which the state proudly oversees to serve Muslims from all over the world.

He added that the Kingdom, from its leadership and the relevant security and civil leaders, confirms that Hajj remains free of slogans and political exploitation regardless of the surrounding tense conditions. This is a religious ritual attended by millions, far from narrow political partisanship.

He continued that, unfortunately, the Muslim Brotherhood and political Islam groups have been working for decades to disrupt the Kingdom’s success in caring for the Two Holy Mosques, organizing Hajj seasons, and developing this organization through all modern means that facilitate the pilgrims’ performance of their rituals easily and smoothly. He refused to reiterate their vile and absurd demands in this regard.

He pointed out that what he saw on their Brotherhood websites, their tweeters, and their misled audience who exploit their religious emotions to pass their dubious political agendas, was a video clip claiming that Saudi security forces were raiding pilgrims’ apartments in Mecca. A woman in the clip appeals to the Saudi King, saying, “We are in the land of security,” and she is right to believe she is in a land of security and peace.

The Saudi officer in the clip tells her, “We have been knocking on the door for a while, why don’t you open?”


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