Traitors of the Nation: How the Muslim Brotherhood Exploited the Success of the Hajj Season to Spread Lies and Misinformation

The lies of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood are never-ending, with their latest fabrication involving the spread of rumors and falsehoods about the Hajj season in Saudi Arabia. The group’s manipulative tactics are part of a broader strategy to undermine Arab countries and belittle their successes, a consistent behavior observed in recent years.

A Legacy of Deception

One of the primary weapons used by the terrorist group against Arab states is the spread of lies, the distortion of facts, and the dissemination of rumors. This form of psychological warfare dates back to the era of Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. Even the sacred pilgrimage season has not been spared from the Brotherhood‘s deceitful propaganda, which they disseminate through their media channels and social networks to influence pilgrims in the holy lands.

False Claims About Hajj

The hashtag “Hajj is not safe” is one of the Brotherhood‘s recurring campaigns on social media, part of an annual conspiracy timed with the pilgrimage season. This tactic aims to politicize the Hajj and cast doubt on Saudi Arabia’s efforts to serve the pilgrims, encouraging would-be pilgrims to boycott the fifth pillar of Islam under the pretext that it is unsafe.

Despite the failure of Jordanian Brotherhood thinker Raheel Gharaibeh’s calls to redirect the Hajj and Umrah funds for 2024 to Gaza under the pretext of humanitarian aid and reconstruction, the group continues to target the current Hajj season with its malicious propaganda.

A Harsh Rebuttal

Activists have responded strongly to the Brotherhood‘s campaign, highlighting that the group no longer has any significant presence on the ground. Historically, the Brotherhood has exploited the Hajj to promote their ideology and recruit followers. However, following Saudi Arabia’s designation of the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, the group has resorted to conspiring against the kingdom during the Hajj season.

Saudi Arabia has introduced a range of new measures and technological advancements for the Hajj season of 1445 AH / 2024 AD, aimed at facilitating the pilgrimage with ease, safety, and peace of mind across various security, health, environmental, and religious dimensions.

Voices from the Ground

Saudi content creator Sultan Al-Nafie says, “Wherever they interfere, they spoil things, and wherever they leave, life returns. They cast doubt and harbor enmity, even against the fifth pillar of Islam. They tried and tried, and in the end, we threw dust in their faces.”

Ibrahim Al-Ali adds, “Anyone who claims that Hajj is not safe is a liar, a deceiver, a hater, and a traitor. If he had an ounce of truth, he would speak it. No country in the world is capable of managing, protecting, and organizing these massive crowds. And if it could, it would not be able to spend billions on a single Hajj project.”

Bander Bin Dukhail points out, “The dreams of the Brotherhood, their agents, and their dirty arms inside and outside the country try to deceive Muslims into believing that the Hajj is not safe. This might be true if it were under the care of anyone other than Saudi Arabia, its leadership, the ruling family, and its noble people.”

He continues, “The largest expansions in the history of Mecca and the Prophet’s Mosque have been recorded and continue to this day under the auspices of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its rulers. Free services and paternal care cost more than the budgets of entire countries. Routes for pilgrims and worshippers are cooled with misting systems and air conditioning, and floors are treated to resist the sun’s heat. Hospitals, medicine, water, and food are provided free of charge. The expertise in managing pilgrim movements is studied worldwide.

If you have not seen something amazing in your life, you will see it in Saudi Arabia. God’s protection over Saudi Arabia and its incredible capabilities in caring for the Two Holy Mosques and the guests of God throughout the year and around the clock. Its ability to handle the diverse cultures and languages of pilgrims from all over the world is unmatched. May God bless the successful and successive Hajj seasons this year.”

In conclusion, despite the constant barrage of lies and deceit from the Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi Arabia continues to demonstrate its commitment to ensuring a safe, secure, and spiritually fulfilling Hajj experience for millions of Muslims worldwide. The Kingdom’s dedication to improving and expanding services for pilgrims remains steadfast, undeterred by the malicious campaigns aimed at undermining its efforts.

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