Islamic Preacher: The Muslim Brotherhood is Not a Group but a Gang

Islamic preacher and researcher Osama Al-Qousi stated that the Muslim Brotherhood is not a group but a gang, emphasizing that all its members are evil and asserting that they have failed and presented us with the Islamic project that had no existence on the ground.

During his interview on the “Al-Shahed” (The Witness) program, hosted by Dr. Mohamed El-Baz on “Extra News” channel, he added that the idea of the Ikhwan faction of Mahmoud Ezzat and the Qutbi faction, which reached power, is the faction that came to rule. The Brotherhood is divided into two groups, one closer to Omar Al-Tilmisani and the other to Qutb, and Al-Tilmisani is a student of Al-Hodeibi, who said “We are preachers, not judges.” All the Brotherhood members are the same: “The means differ, but the goal is the same, and both are evil. I call them the Brotherhood gang.”

He continued: “The Brotherhood considers that Islam has no boundaries. Among the anthems they used to chant were: ‘China is ours, India is ours, the Levant is ours, everything is ours. Islam has become our religion, and the entire earth is our homeland.’ That is why I say I am an Egyptian Muslim, not a Muslim Egyptian.”

He added: “My allegiance is first to geography, then to religious duties,” citing the verse: “O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another,” explaining that God says there are peoples and tribes to know one another, not to fight.

He affirmed that the idea of conflict is not present in Islam, as it is a religion of knowledge and tolerance, continuing: “Islam is a religion that does not reject the idea of peoples or tribes, on the contrary, this can be a beneficial fuel like the migrants and the Ansar. The Prophet, peace be upon him, utilized this in the army.”

It is noteworthy that the religious scene in Egypt still suffers from many deficiencies that could negatively impact the spiritual and faith dimensions in the country and reopen the way for extremists. The religious strategy of the Egyptian government needs to revise its priorities and objectives.

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