Humanitarian meanings… The UAE sets an example in support and relief for the Moroccan and Libyan people in their crisis

From the earthquake that Morocco has not witnessed in over a century, to the catastrophe of floods and flash floods hitting eastern Libya in a way unprecedented for more than 40 years.

To Storm Daniel, which swept over the eastern regions of Libya with strong winds and rains leading to floods in the city of Derna, submerging entire neighborhoods.

Since the announcement of the earthquake disaster in Morocco and the hurricane that hit Libya, the UAE has quickly organized an airlift to transport urgent relief aid to the affected, providing all forms of necessary support.

The UAE has directed the organization of an airlift to transport urgent relief aid to the affected in the crises in both Morocco and its sister Libya, in addition to providing various forms of needed support.

The swift UAE initiative to aid its brethren is not new for the country that leads the list of the world’s most humanitarian aid-giving nations. It embodies the UAE’s approach of solidarity and standing with its brethren and the various peoples of the world, especially in difficult circumstances.

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