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Non-Licensed Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan Completes Formation of Its Executive Office

The non-licensed Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan has completed organizing its ranks in preparation for crucial upcoming milestones, including the legislative elections scheduled for next September, by finalizing the formation of its new executive office.

The General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Engineer Murad Adaileh, presented the new executive office formation yesterday, according to the Khbrni website.

The executive office includes Engineer Abdullah Obeidat as Deputy General Guide and the following members: Dr. Mohammad Al-Koufhah, Moath Al-Khawalda, Raafat Al-Masri, Omar Riad, Mohammad Al-Shahadheh, Ahmed Al-Zarqan, Ahmed Al-Qatawaneh, Ziad Al-Maitani, and Mustafa Saqr.

The executive office formation gained the confidence of the Shura Council after being presented through dialogue and consensus with all factions within the group. Observers confirm that the current formation of the executive office has defused a significant conflict among the Brotherhood over positions.

The Shura Council had given the General Guide a two-week deadline to present the executive office formation after the internal elections of the group.

The results of the internal elections held by the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan reflected a consensus between the so-called hardline hawks and the moderate wing within the group regarding the sharing of senior leadership positions.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan conducted its internal elections about 12 days ago, amid sensitive circumstances regarding the relationship between the group and the Jordanian authorities, especially after the scandal of the armed Brotherhood cell.

Observers state that the leaks about the involvement of Brotherhood elements in a conspiracy led by Iran and Hamas to smuggle weapons into the kingdom for carrying out sabotage acts seem to have influenced the group’s internal elections, leading to a kind of consensus between the hawks and the moderate wing.

The elections resulted in the victory of Murad Adaileh, the Secretary-General of the Islamic Action Front Party and affiliated with the hawks’ wing, as the General Guide. The presidency of the Shura Council went to Abdul Hamid Thunaibat, the outgoing General Guide, and affiliated with the moderate wing.

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