PSG: Mbappé, the End of the Saga

It’s the end of a long saga for Kylian Mbappé… and for PSG Community. On Friday evening, just an hour before the end of the summer transfer window, the website dedicated to Paris Saint-Germain’s news finally acknowledged what had become evident for a few days: “Kylian Mbappé will not join Real Madrid this year.”

On June 22, PSG Community had nonetheless released the scoop of its life by announcing the transfer of the World Cup champion, based on an agreement between PSG and Real Madrid President Florentino Perez. The transaction amount: 250 million euros, including bonuses. In recent weeks, even though the trend seemed to be reversing with the Bondynois returning to the pitch, the site stuck to its information, and that famous tweet from June 22 remained pinned and highlighted… until this Friday.

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In its mea-culpa-style post, PSG Community acknowledges its mistake but does not explain it. The site does not say whether this famous agreement was not honored or simply did not exist. The first hypothesis would have been easier to admit, so one can imagine that it is more likely the second solution, unfortunately. “The transfer did not ultimately take place,” PSG Community simply explains. The transfer window reminds us every year that it is full of twists and turns, and this year is no exception.”

The PSG Community website claims that it upholds values (“humility, ethics, and respect” for its readers), which is a way of saying that it was not seeking publicity at all costs with this “exclusive” on the hottest transfer saga of the summer. PSG Community tries to save face by reminding readers that it got it “right” on the coach’s dossier by announcing Luis Enrique when many more established media outlets leaned toward Julian Nagelsmann. But it may be difficult for that to fully make up for the Mbappé blunder…

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