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Tantawi is close to withdrawing from the electoral race in Egypt


The Egyptian people, who rose up against the Muslim Brotherhood, have not accepted the return of a candidate who may appear superficially as an inactive member of the terrorist organization. However, the Brotherhood has decided to support him against President Abdul Fattah el-Sisi in the 2024 presidential elections.

Ahmed Tantawi emerged with ambiguous statements accompanied by aligning with the Brotherhood and how he would bring them back to Egypt, which is what the terrorists have wanted for more than ten years since the June 30th revolution.

Helmi El-Gazar’s statements increase Egyptian people’s anger

The appearance of the fugitive Muslim Brotherhood leader Helmi El-Gazar, supporting and endorsing the candidate Ahmed Tantawi for the position of President of Egypt in the upcoming presidential elections in December, has caused anger among the Egyptian people. The Muslim Brotherhood is classified as a terrorist organization and is illegal. This will make it difficult for Tantawi to obtain the endorsement of 20 members of parliament or the authorization of 25,000 citizens from Egyptian governorates.

Tantawi’s colossal failure

After Tantawi’s and Helmi El-Gazar’s statements, Egyptians united in their rejection of Tantawi’s support. Sources have confirmed that Tantawi has failed to gather the necessary endorsements to run for the presidential elections. A candidate must obtain the support and signatures of 20 members of parliament or electoral authorizations from 25,000 citizens distributed across at least 15 governorates, with a minimum of 1,000 authorizations from each governorate.

Despite Ahmed Tantawi resorting to electoral authorizations from 25,000 citizens, he has been unable to reach the required number. Even though the campaign managed to gather some authorizations in some governorates, it has not been able to meet the necessary quota. Especially in governorates like Al-Minufiyah, where they have collected less than 50 authorizations. Therefore, Tantawi has decided to withdraw from the elections due to his inability to gather the necessary endorsements.

The Egyptian people have rejected the return of the Muslim Brotherhood to Egyptian society and political life, especially in the aftermath of the June revolution, which witnessed acts of terrorism by Brotherhood elements in the Egyptian streets, including bombings and terrorist activities.

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