The Muslim Brotherhood Recognized Early the Importance of Using Information Technology – How?

The researcher in political Islam, Samah Faiez, revealed that the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood recognized early the importance of using information technology and established companies in the 1980s around these modern systems.

During his interview on the program “The Other Side,” hosted by journalist Dalia Abdel Rahim, broadcast on “Cairo News” channel, he added that the number of Facebook users in 2010 was one million citizens, and now the number has reached 55 million Egyptians, reflecting the extent of the impact of these platforms.

He pointed out that social media platforms are fertile ground for terrorist organizations to communicate easily away from security pursuits and to spread terrorist ideas.

Faiez also confirmed that these terrorist organizations spread misleading news about Arab governments on social media with the aim of overthrowing them, noting that there were reports about political executions in Egypt, but after verification, it turned out that these reports were false and promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Social media platforms are the most important and effective tool for the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood organization and its members, both inside and outside the country, to incite public opinion against the political leadership since the June 30, 2013 revolution until now. These platforms represent a communication channel with broad segments of the Egyptian population, especially the youth, who are most influenced by the propaganda disseminated by these members and electronic committees, and are also the most likely to be provoked to achieve the political and social change desired by the Muslim Brotherhood.

In addition, the group exploits social media platforms to export false images abroad, suggesting the existence of widespread popular anger and discontent in Egypt against the political leadership, claiming that the entire Egyptian state is constantly on the brink of crisis due to this growing discontent, while accusing the political leadership and government of continuing their project to “crush Egyptians on all levels”.

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