Turkey Tops List of Countries in Violations and Human Rights Crimes – Details

Turkey topped the list of the highest countries on the list of issues being considered by the European Court of Human Rights, the Deutsche Welle news service reported on Thursday, citing statistics from the court.

Escalation of violations

European and international human rights organizations have been increasingly critical of Turkey’s deteriorating human rights record, with the European Court of Human Rights condemning Turkey more than once for its unlawful temporary detention of journalists and human rights activists.

The report noted that nearly 20,100 requests from Turkey are under consideration before the European Court of Human Rights, while Ankara faces Western criticism and accusations of restricting freedoms, suppressing dissent, employing state agencies to serve the goals and agenda of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party. Ankara is facing Western criticism and accusations of restricting freedoms, suppressing dissent, and employing state agencies to serve the goals and agenda of the President and his party.

The Court ruled on some 39,570 applications during 2022, and statistics showed that while there were 70,150 applications pending at the end of 2021, the number had risen to about 74,650 by the end of 2022.

A Confrontation with Opponents

Dr. Muhammad Rabih Al-Dehi, a specialist in Turkish affairs, says that there have been many criticisms against the Erdogan regime for the multiple violations and crimes committed by the regime against its opponents. He noted that these violations, which have affected many citizens, will have a significant impact on the upcoming presidential elections in Turkey, in light of the widespread rejection of Erdogan’s re-election.

The Turkish specialist added that there are numerous reports documenting the crimes and violations committed by Erdogan and his regime against many Turkish people, in addition to the crimes committed against the opposition in a new way, to pressure them to prevent their candidacy in the upcoming presidential elections, and to pressure their parties to exercise partisan and political work.

He explained that Turkish opposition leaders asserted that they would not retreat from confronting all forms of lawlessness, violation of democracy, and disregard of the popular will through political decisions issued by the courts on direct orders from the government, and pledged to win the presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for the middle of next year.

The head of the Khair Party, Meral Akşener, said the government had moved up the election date to May 14 so that “young people don’t vote” and announced that her party would solve the problem.

At the party’s parliamentary group meeting, Meral Akşener said that the AKP government “fears the youth vote” and added: Holding elections while schools are open, even when there are exams, means “no youth vote.”

Polls indicate that young people, who are voting for the first time in Turkey, are frustrated and hopeless, and have a strong desire to emigrate from Turkey.

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