UAE announces successful “Mission 1” of its space si mulation project

The Mohammed ben Rashid Space Center announced on Sunday the completion of “mission 1” of the UAE space simulation project, and the achievement of its objectives with great success.

The mission is part of the international scientific research program of the single ground station “Sirius 21”, launched on 4 November 2021 and lasting 8 months, with the aim of studying the biomedical and psychological effects of man resulting from isolation in space.

UAE astronaut Saleh Al Amiri of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center participated in the mission to represent the UAE, and Oleg Blinov and Victoria Kirishenko of the Moscow Institute for Medical and Biomedical Research, Ashley Kowalsky and William Brown of NASA.

The participation of the United Arab Emirates in the mission supports the scientific communities and research centers at the local and global levels, where the results of the mission will be positively reflected in the efforts of scientific research, especially as Al-Amiri conducted 70 experiments during the mission, including 5 participation from four Emirati universities covering the fields of physiology, psychology and biology.

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