USA: Human Losses and Property Damage Due to Severe Storms in Iowa

The state of Iowa, located in the Midwest of the United States, experienced severe storms resulting in human losses and property damage.

According to CNN, these dangerous storms in Iowa have claimed the lives of several people.

The network reported that the state experienced a series of thunderstorms, with around 20 tornadoes reported across the United States.

State officials said that the city of Greenfield in Iowa suffered significant damage from a tornado that passed directly through the city center.

Earlier in May, the National Weather Service had warned that expected storms in several central states could lead to “severe tornadoes,” along with strong winds, large destructive hail, and flooding.

At least 40 million people are facing a “slight risk” or a higher level of threat due to severe weather during the storm period.

With rising air and ocean temperatures globally, the atmosphere can hold more water vapor, which is a key factor in the occurrence of severe storms.

According to the same source, some studies show that climate warming can increase the frequency of tornado outbreaks. However, this has not yet been agreed upon by most of the tornado research community.

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