After being banned from the Oscars for 10 years, Will Smith may get a second chance

The famous star Will Smith might return to the Oscars ceremony despite the 10-year ban imposed on him following the slap he gave his colleague Chris Rock in public.

Although Will Smith’s latest film “Bad Boys 4” has achieved great success at the box office, his potential return to the Oscars requires proving his genuine remorse for slapping Chris Rock. According to Oscar-winning sound designer Paul N.J. Ottosson, as reported by the British newspaper “Mirror”, Smith can regain his standing in Hollywood through exemplary behavior and sincere regret.

Ottosson explained that while he understands the decision to ban Smith, the famous actor could get a second chance if he shows remorse and repentance.

Ottosson emphasized the importance of allowing individuals to make mistakes and giving them the opportunity to make amends. He also praised Smith’s maturity as an actor and as a person, highlighting his outstanding performance in the film “King Richard”.

Ottosson’s statements were made at the premiere of the film “Protocol 7”, where he expressed his personal readiness to forgive Smith, but stressed the need to respect the ban imposed by the academy.

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