Defecting Brotherhood Member: The Group Continues its Lies with Support from Entities and Organizations in London to Undermine Egypt’s Stability

The terrorist Brotherhood group continues to spread its poisons and false news, as a type of conspiracy against the Egyptian state, with the support of entities and organizations in London. The group uses lies and fabrication as fertile material in an attempt to mislead opinions about the truth. The latest attempt by the terrorist group came from London, where the Brotherhood group, in cooperation with British intelligence, produced a fabricated film on the anniversary of the Rabaa dispersal.

10 Years of Lies

For a full 10 years, the noise of the Brotherhood group has not ceased to promote the victimhood it invented, fabricating all its details, and attempting to promote it internationally. This pertains to the Rabaa dispersal and the Ennahdha incident that occurred in 2013.

After 10 years have passed since the dispersal of this armed sit-in and the formation of a terrorist hotspot by the group’s elements in the heart of Cairo, protesting the June revolution and the ousting of the deposed president, Mohamed Morsi, the group recalls the incident through a documentary film presented at a cultural landmark in the British capital, London, under the title “Rabaa Massacre.”

New Victimhood

Tarek al-Beshbishi, the defected Brotherhood leader and expert on terrorist group affairs, says that for 10 years, the armed Rabaa sit-in by the terrorist Brotherhood group has been continuing its lies and fabrications with the support of entities and organizations in London to incite against the Egyptian state. The latest of these was the preparation of a film to spread lies against the Egyptian state, broadcast from London.

The defected Brotherhood leader added that the terrorist Brotherhood group is trying by all means to prove that the Rabaa sit-in and the Ennahdha were peaceful and unarmed, while the photos and video footage taken at the time show that the demonstrators in Rabaa were armed with automatic weapons, hand grenades, shotguns, and Molotov cocktails. Some members of the group admitted after the dispersal that the sit-in was armed with these weapons, but the peaceful group claimed the sit-in and shot the dead in an attempt to create historical grievances before the world.

The Brotherhood’s film about the Rabaa dispersal is just a desperate attempt by them to attract sympathy, affirming that the film is filled with deception in order to incite and target the Egyptian state.

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