Libya… Erdogan’s mercenaries blocked without pay and unhappy with the situation

Erdogan’s mercenaries blocked in Libya without salary
In fact, they wait to come back after concluding their missions
Country is moving recently to resolve political situation that frustrates Turkish aims
in the presence of disappointment that start to increase due to the reduction and delay in obtaining their salaries
besides to the suspension of travel to return to their countries
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights revealed
the increase of discontent among Syrian mercenaries because of material fraud
by exchange their monthly salaries and reducing a large part
as well as the delay in their delivery
The observatory also showed that despite the issue of fraud included all mercenaries
But, the elements of the Turkmen militia
are relatively well treated compared to others
with the reduction of 500 dollars of the monthly salary of the Turkmen fighter
in exchange for a double reduction for others
According to the observatory, no information has been received regarding the fate of the mercenaries in Libya
indicating that the country is moving towards a political settlement which includes the withdrawal of all mercenaries from the country
So what would Erdogan do with his mercenaries?

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