The regime of Mullah continue its crimes against Sunni Arabs in Ahvaz region

In the context of the mullahs’ ongoing approach of oppressing and torturing Sunni Arabs in the Ahvaz region, Amnesty International published a statement about the placement of four Arab citizens in Shayban Prison in Ahvaz, calling for their liberation.

Indeed, Amnesty declared that three of the detainees who were condemned to death, Ali Khasraji, Hossein Silawi and Jasem Heidary, have been enter on hunger strike since January 21 to protest against severe prison conditions, annulment of family visits and the continuing threat of execution. The fourth detainee, Naser Khafajian, has been absent since April of last year and there is a risk of secret torture and execution. The three prisoners were deprived of admission to talk with their lawyer in a fair trial.

The statement also affirmed that Khasraji and Silawi are exposed to an early execution. The two suspects had been detained by the security forces on May 16, 2017 on accusations of participating in the assault on the Hamid police station, 40 kilometers from Ahvaz, and also police station 23 in the Mujahid neighborhood of the city.

Moreover, Amnesty International denounced the practices of the mullah regime to take forced confessions from political detainees who were tortured. The organization appealed for the immediate and unconditional liberation of Mohammad Ali Amouri, Jaber Alboshoka and Mokhtar Alboshoka. The organization also published a statement in which said that Zeynab Jalalian had been exposed to torture by the Ministry of Intelligence.

It should mention that Members of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence arrested Jalalian, who is a Kurdish woman, and she is tortured to take a confession from her in front of a camera. Jalalian was prevented to access to medical services which caused a severe suffering, particularly she is suffering from serious health problems, such as respiratory problems caused by the corona virus.

While, the Ministry of Intelligence allow the access to suitable medical care, the transfer of a prisoner close to her family in the western province of Azerbaijan and the stop of punishments against her with a condition that Jalalian should confession in front of a video camera, a declaration about her regret for her previous political activity and cooperation with the Ministry of Intelligence.

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