The UAE pledges to treat a thousand children from Gaza in solidarity with the Palestinians

The President of the UAE, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, pledged on Wednesday evening to treat a thousand Palestinian children in UAE hospitals with their families. This commitment was made during a phone call between the UAE Foreign Minister, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, and Marianna Spoliarich, President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, according to the official UAE news agency.

This humanitarian gesture reflects the UAE’s support for the Palestinians in order to alleviate their suffering and provide the necessary medical assistance while the war in Gaza continues for the twenty-seventh day.

The UAE Foreign Minister explained during the call that “Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the country, has directed the hosting of a thousand Palestinian children with their families from Gaza.”

The hosting aims to “provide all types of medical and health care they need in the country’s hospitals until they recover and return,” according to the minister.

During the phone call, Sheikh Abdullah and Spoliarich discussed the importance of delivering humanitarian and medical aid to civilians in Gaza intensively, continuously, and safely.

The UAE had rushed to provide support and assistance to the people of Gaza by sending medical and humanitarian aid to El Arish Airport before transferring it through the Rafah crossing to the besieged Gaza Strip.

Abu Dhabi also condemned Israeli crimes and violations, especially the bombing of Jabalia camp and the targeting of the Arab Islamic Hospital (al-Muamadani).

The UAE’s Foreign Ministry stated in a Wednesday statement that the continued indiscriminate shelling would lead to consequences that would be difficult to contain, with Abu Dhabi taking a strong stance against targeting civilians.

It also called for the adoption of the United Nations General Assembly resolution calling for a humanitarian ceasefire and an end to hostilities as an important step to stop the escalation and protect lives and to allow aid to be delivered to the sector safely, urgently, sustainably, and without obstacles.

The United Nations Security Council held an emergency meeting on Monday at the request of Abu Dhabi in light of Israel‘s expansion of its ground operations in the sector, urging the international community to take a strong stance to put an end to this cycle of suffering.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Egyptian Ministry of Health announced in a statement the “arrival of the first group” of injured individuals from the Gaza Strip to receive treatment in hospitals in northern Sinai in the eastern part of the country.

Since October 7, the Israeli military has conducted airstrikes on residential areas in the Gaza Strip, causing massive destruction, resulting in the deaths of more than 8,796 Palestinians, including 3,648 children, and injuring 22,219. Additionally, 126 Palestinians were killed, and about 2,000 were detained in the West Bank, according to official Palestinian sources.

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