Lies and Allegations: The Muslim Brotherhood Exploits the Palestinian Issue to Undermine Egypt’s Image

The terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, continues to use its media outlets during the war on Gaza to spread rumors casting doubt on Egypt’s role in the conflict. Among the latest rumors circulated by the Muslim Brotherhood, two days ago, is one regarding Egypt assuming security responsibilities inside the Gaza Strip.

Spreading Lies

The lies propagated by the Muslim Brotherhood‘s channels and brigades have been refuted by a senior Egyptian source in an interview with Egyptian media, stating that “there is no truth whatsoever to what has been circulated regarding Egypt assuming any security responsibilities inside the Gaza Strip.”

Revelation of the Plan

In this regard, Dr. Ibrahim Rabie, a dissident Muslim Brotherhood leader and researcher on terrorist groups, revealed the motivations behind the Muslim Brotherhood‘s dissemination of rumors aimed at discrediting Egypt and its role in the Gaza war. He explained that “the Muslim Brotherhood has been focusing on Egypt since the beginning of the crisis, not on Israel.”

He added that the Muslim Brotherhood seeks to exploit the ongoing events in Gaza to undermine Egypt and other Arab countries, to incite them, sow chaos, and manufacture a new Arab Spring to penetrate the scene again and reproduce in it.

Muslim Brotherhood‘s Plan

He continued: “As Egypt previously undermined the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan over the past decade by countering the use of terrorism to create a new reality on the ground and by preparing the geographic and demographic conditions to settle the Palestinian issue, Egypt is now confronting the same plan.”

He explained that the plan is being implemented differently with an intensive presence from a propaganda perspective by groups accustomed to acting as agents and tools to achieve gains on the ground, even at the expense of Egyptian national security and the historical principles of the Palestinian cause and Palestinian rights.

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