What are the reasons for the creation of the National Party, which opposes Saudi Arabia outside?

With a statement signed by only 6 people,
The step to announce the creation of an opposition party to the Saudi regime outside
in order to establish the democratic path as a mechanism of government in Saudi Arabia
seems unclear
which led to ask questions about the working mechanism of this party,
especially that its founders live in Great Britain, the United States and Canada
In reality, they don’t have an effective and real influence on the ground,
and one of the opponents called on the Saudi people to protest,
however he failed to get a single citizen to protest against the country system
People who criticize the party’s founding affirmed that it carries foreign agendas that don’t serve the interests of their country
and could just exploit conflict situations between the Gulf states and the region
Qatar and Turkey could be the biggest beneficiaries of this party’s funding
especially as one of the party members declared during a live broadcast on a social media site
that he will be asking for support from Qatar and Turkey.
Are Qatar and Turkey behind the creation of this opposition party?

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