Bahraini uprising against Al Jazeera channel

Movements by Bahraini human rights institutions and the media
to deal with the insults of the Qatari channel, Al-Jazeera,
and they described it as the greatest means of incitement to hate
by inducing conflict and ruined
this comes when the Qatari channel continues
to show reports of lies and fabrications
that aim to insult the four countries appealing for the fight against terrorism,
they are Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt
A few days before the next Gulf summit in Riyadh that is scheduled for January 5
Bahraini human rights organizations
wrote a letter to the secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council
accusing Al Jazeera of promoting speeches that incite stability in the Kingdom
The Bahraini Journalists Association denounced
the systematically manner of targeting the Kingdom of Bahrain by Qatar
via its poisonous media arm, Al-Jazeera
indicating that it has become the greatest means of destruction and ruin
Besides, Al-Jazeera continued at the beginning of the new year 2021
his lies and his insults towards the countries of the Arab Quartet
through the broadcasting of offensive reports in Saudi Arabia and the Emirates
with the promotion of the Houthi militias
in a clear attempt to sabotage efforts aimed at reinforcing dialogue in the Gulf
Al-Jazeera also aired in 2020
seditious reports against Bahrain
while several official organizations, human rights and media are moving to face this channel

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