Hafter calls Libyans ‘peaceful uprising’ during visit to Birak

Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, the commander-in-chief of the Libyan armed forces, paid a large-scale visit to the southern city of Birak on Monday.

The first visit of its kind after the liberation of the region on May 18, 2018, came as part of Haftar’s extensive visits to various regions in the far southeast and west of Libya.

During a speech in Wadi al-Shati, Hafter urged the Libyan people to rise up peacefully to bring down what he called the tragic reality in the country.

For his part, Major General Fawzi Al-Mansouri, the commander of the Sabha military region, said that “the visit comes within the framework of several visits made by the commander-in-chief of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, to liberated areas of the country.”

“Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar is keen on communicating directly with all components of Libyan society,” al-Mansouri said. “In less than a month, he visited the southernmost city of Al Jaouf and the southernmost city of Ghat.

“Through his visits, the commander-in-chief aims to affirm and continuously support the choices of the Libyan people who aspire to a real state protected by a capable army and a constructive ideology,” the commander of the Sebha region said.

“The shoreline ponds and other areas in the south of the country are one of the fortified fortresses of the national project, whose sacrifices were crowned by the historic salvation from terrorist hegemony and the chaotic militia project,” he said.

Earlier, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar reiterated the readiness of his forces to confront terrorism everywhere, saying that “it is impossible for the national army to coexist with terrorists or to have a dialog with them.”

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