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The Emirati campaign ‘Compassion for Gaza’ continues its support for Palestinians 

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi witnessed extensive community participation in the campaign ‘Compassion for Gaza,’ organized across various parts of the UAE.

The campaign event, held today at the Abu Dhabi Tourist Ships Station, under the supervision of the Emirati Red Crescent Authority, saw the participation of 2,500 volunteers from citizens and residents of all ages and nationalities. They prepared over 10,000 relief packages, ranging from food supplies to those specifically for children and women, as reported by the WAM news agency.

The campaign has gathered 1,500 tons of food, medical, and relief aid so far. Thirty-two planes carrying 1,030 tons of these aids have been sent and started distribution in Gaza in collaboration with the World Food Programme.

The popular campaign ‘Compassion for Gaza‘ continues to collect donations and prepare aid with the help of over 24,000 volunteers from Emirati humanitarian institutions.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with the Emirati Red Crescent Authority and the World Food Programme, oversees the campaign in coordination with the Ministry of Community Development and the participation of 20 charitable and humanitarian institutions. This aims to support and aid the Palestinian people, particularly the most vulnerable, especially children and women, alleviating the severity of the humanitarian crisis they face.

Emirati efforts to support the Palestinian people continue on various fronts. Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the country’s President, has ordered the launch of ‘The Gallant Knight 3’ operation, which involves establishing a comprehensive field hospital in Gaza to provide medical support amid the critical healthcare conditions. The directive also involves treating 1,000 Palestinian children from Gaza and hosting them with their families, offering various medical care in hospitals until their recovery and return.

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