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The UAE: « Flag Day », « The Principles of the 50 » strengthen the Leadership of the Federation

The United Arab Emirates celebrates, today, Wednesday, Flag Day, the unique symbol of the union’s unity, as it speeds up the implementation of the ” The Principles of the 50 ” aimed at strengthening its leadership.

While the celebration of “Flag Day” reflects a bright picture of national unity under the banner of unity, loyalty to leadership and belonging to the homeland, “the main priority of the 50 principles is strengthening the union”, in addition to a number of goals that promote a spirit of belonging and loyalty.

The United Arab Emirates celebrates “Flag Day” with five decades of achievements in various fields, as witnessed by the Emirates’ flag since it was first hoisted by the late Sheikh Zayed ben Sultan Al Nahyane on December 2nd, 1971, in the “House of the Union” in Dubai.

With the adoption of the “The Principles of the 50 “, which chart the country’s economic, political and development path over the next 50 years, the UAE will continue its achievements under the banner of the homeland in order to achieve its goal of “UAE 2071 Centennial” as the best and most advanced country in the world.

Meanings and connotations

The UAE has been celebrating “Flag Day” since Sheikh Mohammed ben Rachid Al Maktoum, UAE vice president and prime minister and ruler of Dubai, decided in 2013 to invite institutions, ministries, agencies and schools to participate by raising the country’s flag on the pole simultaneously.

The state flag is hoisted at 11 a.m. at all state institutions. The occasion coincides with the commemoration of Sheikh Khalifa ben Zayed Al Nahyane, the head of state, who assumed power on November 3, 2004.

Everyone raised the flag on the various buildings of the United Arab Emirates at the same time, on the day that Sheikh Khalifa ben Zayed Al Nahyane took office, an expression of loyalty to the homeland and loyalty to the wise leadership, which has established the status of the Emirates among nations and peoples, and has made its flag a cherished failure in regional and international forums and a symbol of pioneering, excellence and excellence in all fields. This great national scene embodies the spirit of unity that brings the people of the country together, in one hour and one day behind a single flag, expressing the value of unity, which is the most important pillar that guarantees its development and advancement in all fields.

The celebration also expresses adherence to the values and principles inherited from the founding fathers, especially since it calls to mind the great efforts made by the founding fathers, foremost among them the late Sheikh Zayed ben Sultan Al Nahyane and his brothers the rulers of the Emirates, who raised the flag of the homeland 50 years ago, to mark the birth of a successful Arab Unity Union.

A federation that, within a short period of time but with a large measure of its achievements and successes, has been able to achieve comprehensive development and to reserve for itself a distinguished place and an influential presence in the regional and international arenas and become a symbol of wisdom, development and ambition.

Incentive to give and create

This year’s celebration coincides with the golden jubilee of the founding of the UAE 50 years ago. It also comes about three weeks after Sheikh Khalifa ben Zayed Al Nahyane, the president of the UAE, adopted on October 9th the Principles of the 50, which represent a comprehensive and integrated vision that charts the economic, political, developmental and humanitarian path of the UAE and sets its orientations for the next 50 years.

This is considered an additional incentive for everyone to double their work and give more and more creativity, gratitude, gratitude and gratitude to this country and its leadership.

The 10 Principles of the Fiftieth Anniversary are consistent with the values and objectives of the Day of Action, all of which reflect the spirit of the Union and its lofty values; the values of tolerance, coexistence, goodness and human giving have been the cornerstones of the United Arab Emirates.

The priorities and objectives of the Principles also support the achievement of global leadership, based on the strengthening of the spirit of the Union, which is considered the greatest achievement of the United Arab Emirates. The goal of strengthening the Union is therefore the first principle and even a special formulation that reflects the value and importance of this goal.

The first principle states that “the main priority will remain the strengthening of the Union”

This primary objective is linked to the other goals, priorities, and commitments, which are as stated in the Principles:

–    Building the world’s best and most dynamic economy

–    building the best global economic environment

–    providing the best life for the union people

–    UAE’s reputation established

–    The establishment of the UAE as the capital of talents, companies and investments in scientific, technical and digital fields

–    Strengthening regional and global peace and stability

–    Working to build transnational institutions under the umbrella of the United Arab Emirates

–    Developing education and attracting talent

–   The development of stable and positive political, economic and popular relations with the geographical environment is one of the main priorities of the State’s foreign policy.

The interrelatedness of the goals and their interdependence and their support to strengthen the Union were also evident in the statements made by the leadership of the United Arab Emirates during the unveiling of those principles on September 5, which emphasized “providing the best life for the people of the Union” and working to “strengthen the pillars of the Union”, and the Union under the umbrella of “one flag”.. One president”.

Sheikh Khalifa ben Zayed Al Nahyane, president of the UAE, said: “It is in our supreme, sole and main interest to provide the best life for the people of the Federation and all those who reside in the UAE”.

“The UAE is one destination,” said Sheikh Mohammed ben Rachid Al Maktoum, UAE vice president and prime minister and ruler of Dubai.. One economy.. One flag.. And one president.. Everyone will work as a team in the next 50 years”.

He continued: “Our values over the next 50 years will stay as the founders wanted.. the better, noblest and most giving people”.

Sheikh Mohammed ben Zayed Al Nahyane, crown prince of Abou Dabi and deputy supreme commander of the UAE armed forces, said, “The 10 principles of the UAE over the next 50 years.. It shall constitute a reference point for all its institutions to strengthen the pillars of the Union and build a sustainable economy, harness all resources for a more prosperous society, develop regional and international relations to achieve the higher interests of the state and support the foundations of peace and stability in the world”.

House of the Union

As the UAE celebrates Flag Day, the UAE is moving forward with the implementation of the 50 Principles, a new achievement that contributes to maintaining the high banner of the Union. At the same time, they are inspired and achieve the words of Sheikh Mohammed Ben Zayed Al Nahyane, Crown Prince of Abou Dabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, “The House is United”; All segments of society are united in one banner and have one goal: to serve the country, raise it, defend it and raise its flag constantly.

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